Electrical Installations in BT

MET has extensive experience in this sector and has a large list of references that place it in one of the main assembly companies in the province of Tarragona.
In 2017 MET expanded its radius of action:
At national and international level, carrying out projects throughout the Spanish territory and throughout Europe.

Within the MET industrial sector, it specializes in facilities in various sectors, such as:

  • Chemistry.
  • Petrochemistry.
  • Storage of Chemical and Petroleum Products.
  • Silos.
  • Glass sector production lines.
  • Food sector production lines.
  • Packaging sector production lines.


  • Electrical installations.
  • Electrical maintenance.
  • Installation of electrical tracing.
  • BUS-BAR installation.
  • Capacitor bank installation.
  • Study of networks and harmonics.
  • BT reviews.
  • Land network reviews.
  • Thermographs.