Since its inception, one of the priority objectives of MET, SA has been to satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers, complying at all times with the legal and regulatory requirements in force.
In 2004 MET, SA developed and implemented a system of quality management in order to direct itself towards continuous improvement in its activities and increase the satisfaction of its customers and obtaining the following certifications:

Quality and Safety Policy

Montajes Eléctricos Tarragona, SA is committed to providing a quality and safety service aimed at complying with the requirements and demands of our clients, as well as with current regulations and For this, it establishes the following principles in terms of quality and safety:

- The satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our clients is the objective that should guide our present and future actions.

- Continuous improvement is essential to maintain and improve our position in the market by providing a service that responds to the interests and needs of our current or potential customers.

- The incidents detected are a source of data that will help us make decisions and that we must identify and communicate at the levels established by the Organization. This will help us to act proactively and to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our activities.

- The standards established by the organization and the electrotechnical regulations are the pattern that the staff must follow to guarantee the levels of quality and safety demanded by our clients and the current regulations. To this end, the Quality and Safety Manager checks its execution by scheduling internal audits that are the basis for improving the effectiveness of the Quality and Safety Management System.

- The application of this Quality and Safety Policy requires active integration among all personnel. Montajes Eléctricos Tarragona, S.A. considers an adequate level of staff competence essential and for this, plans and provides the necessary resources to maintain and improve the technical and quality training of all the Organization's staff.

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